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ZUMBA combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “FUN AND EASY TO DO” allowing Zumba participants to stick to the Zumba Fitness program and achieve long-term health benefits. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind. Lets face it, working out can be healthy, rewarding, beneficial working out can be lots of things, but it’s never been known to be much fun UNTIL NOW! The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms, and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got Zumba®!


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Zumba™ Gold is all the excitement from the original Zumba™ class and introduces it to the active older adult, the beginner participant and other special populations! With its meringue, salsa, chacha, cumbia, belly dance, flamenco and rock and roll rhythms, Zumba™ Gold guarantees the best time of your life…but in a safe, paced and effective format.



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Perfect for the senior, but open to all adults!

Enjoy an hour of full body movement blending aerobic activity, strength training, flexibility, balance training, and core conditioning. Multiple movement options will be advised for varying fitness levels.  Click here for more information.




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Cida Moore shows you how to use your core to transform your body and your life, look younger and sexier, speed up your metabolism, improve balance, lose weight, and gain more energy in the Core & More class.
Core & More Training is a fast-paced mix of cardio, strength and core exercises designed to strengthen your abs, obliques, back, chest, glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders. You’ll have tons of FUN in this full-body workout with Cida’s animated style of teaching along with funky, upbeat music. No boredom here. Designed for all levels.

Core Plus

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A 30-minute class designed to teach functional movement skills and help you attain a structurally integrated body.  Instead of focusing on exercises targeting the front of your body, such as your abs, you will learn specific exercises for your back, core, glutes, and hamstrings to experience better mobility, power, flexibility, and endurance.  You’ll also have less pain in your back and joints.
This class can also serve as a great warm up for the IMPACT class, which immediately begins afterwards.  Click here for more information.


Intense Mixed Performance Accelerated Cross Training (IMPACT) is your choice for reaching your upper limits of your metabolism, a fit physique, a detoxified healthy body, unlimited energy, and a lifestyle you can enjoy. IMPACT is an intense workout that will push your physical limits, have you performing fun, effective and unique exercises in a strategic format and get you in the best shape of your life – in no time! You will benefit from the group training setting where like minded people just like you want to be their physical best. Your Certified IMPACT Coach had your goals and best interests in mind and knows how to get you there the fastest! A fit body awaits!
The workouts are 2 days per week for 55 minutes. Each workout includes a 5 minute warm up to get your energy up, your blood pumping and prepare you for what’s to come. Next is a 10 minute speed, agility and quickness segment referred to as SAQ. Here you will perform drills seen in track and field events, in foot ball combines and from your grammar school gym class. SAQ is followed by 20 minutes of strength and conditioning. You can expect some traditional and some new strengthening moves to sculpt your perfect body. Monday is a lower body focus. Wednesday targets the upper body.  Core exercises will also be emphasized on both days.  Just when you think you have exerted yourself, get ready for 10 minutes of fat blasting cardio conditioning to leave your metabolism at an all time high for hours following your IMPACT workout. Finally you will be rewarded with 5 minutes of total body stretching that will leave you feeling accomplished, happy, successful and inspired.
While the workouts sound intense (and they are) your instructor is a certified professional who knows how to modify the exercises for all levels and abilities. You will be instructed to perform as much as you can handle, given modifications for your abilities and will be supported in achieving the results you desire. Do not let fear or intimidation keep you from these classes. In a month your abilities will be heightened and you will be in a new body. Expect awesome results!  Click here for more information.



btn-28[1]Unlimited Classes (attend any regular scheduled class every month)

btn-25[1]Punch Card (valid for any 12 regular scheduled classes)



btn-28[1]Unlimited Classes (attend any regular scheduled class every month)

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Jab, upper cut, hook and kick!  Are you up for a challenge?

Cardio kickboxing is a combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts.  It is an intense, total-body workout that improves strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance.  The workout is fun with loud, rocking music and you’ll burn approximately 300 – 500 calories within the 30-minute class.


Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.
Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.

Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities.

+ Burn up to 900+ calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!
+ Drastically improve your rhythm, timing, coordination, speed, agility, endurance, and musicality.
+ Cinch the waistline, slim the thighs, and strengthen connective tissue and infrastructural muscles with the combination of stability and cardio.
+ Numerous studies have proven the powerful brain boosting, stress-relieving effects of drumming. The rhythm of drumming permeates the entire brain to improve focus, increase higher-level thinking and decision-making skills, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue.



Alicia now has her own group fitness class . . . . Dance Mix.

It is an aerobic dance mix workout combining Latin, Brazilian, and Hip-Hop musical styles.  Dance while you move to the beat, burn calories, and have fun!

Class meets every Sunday afternoon 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm at Cida Fitness.

Ages 14 and older.

$2 entry at the door.


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