Cidafitness and the owner, Cida, is a gem. I would look no other place for a trainer in Sugar Land. I was raised in Sugar Land and moved back home after a car accident. After two months of training with Cida, I feel stronger than I did before getting into the accident!

I was prepared to join a gym to find the best trainer in Sugar Land so I researched Lifetime, LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness- you name it I looked into it. Take Lifetime for instance – you pay upwards of $75 a month and then on top of that you pay upwards of $100 an hour for a personal trainer that might not really care about you because there’s so much turnover at  a gym.

Cidafitness is different. Cida really understands functional cross training and how to get different body types to look fit and tone and most important, to stay strong. She cares about her clients and makes training something I look forward to going.

I’d trust her with my dad, mom, or any close friend. I can’t say that for many people.