I invested in my health and started personal training with Cida three times a week on September 1st. Cida is perky and vivacious and is infectious in her positive outlook on life.

She is holistic in her approach to health and fitness and is combination personal cheerleader and lifestyle coach when she works with you on strength training, diet, and even better sleep . I am motivated to move and do more everyday by going to the fun Zumba classes and walking with my husband (up to 3 miles!).

My sleep has improved so much (up to 8 hours a night) and I have more stamina and energy to deal with everyday life including reducing job stress in my work as hospital pharmacist.

After LESS than a month of hard work with Cida I have already lost TWO inches in my waist and can fit in clothes that are a size smaller that were already in my closet!!

As a young girl I hated PE class and never considered myself to be athletic (being chosen last for teams) BUT at age 61 Cida has made me realize that I am strong and capable of doing more than I could ever imagine!!

Thank you Cida