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Exercise & Nutrition Journal

The Cida Fitness Journal Advantage


The Cida Fitness Daily Journal  is a one-way ticket to your success.  It is the only record-keeping tool to meet our professional standards for training, coaching, and motivating.

Here’s why…

Proven Success:  While there are lots of alternatives to track exercise and nutrition, none of them, to our knowledge, have the proven track record of our Daily Journal.  It is specifically designed for our coaching and training purpose…. YOUR SUCCESS!

Holistic Design:   Beyond exercise and nutrition, our Daily Journal tracks additional attributes like sleep, mood, stretching, warm-ups, cool-downs, etc. as well as muscle skeletal charts, guidelines and scheduling.

Instant Real-Time Recording:  When you immediately record your activity  as in the Daily Journal, the instant association facilitates your “mind-body” connection — ie; the feeling of accomplish-ment transferred to your brain by writing it down.  Through repetition this connection becomes habit.

Instant Oversight & Feedback & Notes:  You’ll note that we constantly review your journal to gain a “snapshot” of your progress.  We also may write notes inside for modifications to your program — or for encouragement.

Bullet-Proof:  The Daily Journal is paper and plastic… which means you can drop it on the floor… take it out to the field, pool, court or wherever you may train.  And a little sweat will not hurt it a bit!

Watch the brief video below and view what’s in the Cida Fitness Daily Journal:


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